6 Tips to Make Long Distance Moves Easier


The movers you hire for your long distance relocation will know what to do when they show up on moving day. Below are six tips to help make the process easier as you near the scheduled time for the move.

1 – Get a Walk-Thru Estimate from the Long Distance Movers

Professional movers charge by the weight of the items to be moved and the distance to your specified destination. You need to have the moving company under consideration come and walk through the home and give you an estimate. Use this moment in time as an opportunity to ask any questions you have about the moving process.

2 – Sort Through Your Belongings to Discard Unwanted Items

Make sure every item in your home is one that you want loaded and taken with you. The final tally of weight will determine what the total charges are on the move. Get rid of anything you will not need at your new home.

3 – Use Quality Packing Materials

Long distance movers use packing materials that are sturdy and durable for long-range moves. Get materials that will last if you plan to purchase your own. Use packing peanuts, styrofoam, cardboard separators, and quality packing tape to hold the boxes together. Remember, it is better to use too much tape than not enough.

4 – Label All Fragile Boxes

Labeling boxes is a great idea, whether the box contains fragile items or not. Making it known on the outside of the box that the contents are breakable will give the movers a heads up that these things require greater care than a box of clothing. Mark all boxes for bedrooms, kitchen, family room, etcetera. Everyone will know exactly where the boxes need to go when arriving at the new residence.

5 – Ask for Expert Advice On Packing Antiques and Paintings

Your moving company of choice will have experience in moving expensive paintings, antiques, and other collectibles. Ask for their advice on how to pack particular items to avoid damage. They will be happy to explain the best and preferred methods.

6 – Pack Kids Items Last

Making a long distance move with kids can be a little stressful. There are times they can get upset about losing the use of toys, blankets, pillows, and other favorite items. You should make these rooms the last to pack to promote more overall peace in the home until moving day. You do not want to spend three or four days searching through boxes for items that are already snuggly packed away.

Removing all of the work and stress out of a long distance move is nearly impossible, but Premier Van Lines will help everything go easier from the start.