6 Features to Look for in Toronto Lofts

Throughout the real estate market, you will find that there are a number of beautiful Toronto lofts. It’s important to explore some of the top features to find your dream home.

1. Multi-Story Layouts

Many of the lofts throughout Toronto are multi-story. This is particularly true of the soft lofts that are being built from new construction. The main living areas are downstairs while the bedroom is upstairs. It adds a new feel to the traditional loft so that you have more space.

2. Gourmet Kitchens

Kitchens are becoming fancier. You will find that there are state-of-the-art appliances as well as granite countertops. The area is spacious enough for you to have working counter space for entertaining, baking, or cooking. Some apartments even have wine fridges built into them.

3. Exposed Beams

Particularly with hard lofts, you will find exposed wood beams. It provides a rustic look for the home. The lofts were converted from warehouses, so you get a piece of that history inside of your home. It’s a beautiful look that can help you gain inspiration for the rest of your decor.

4. Exposed Pipes

Many buildings have exposed pipes that travel through the different lofts. When they converted from warehouses and factories into residential spaces, the pipes were kept because it was easier than having them removed or covered up. The benefit is that you have something unique in your home. It’s an industrial look that you can benefit from without having to do anything extra.

5. Spacious Floor Plans

When it comes to lofts for sale Toronto has a wide array of spacious floor plans to choose from. You can find ones with plenty of space for any hobbies that you might have, such as art. It allows you to spread out across the floor plan without having to worry about walls being in your way. You can start with a fresh slate and create barriers using furniture, should you wish. Find more insights and resources available at Toronto Condo Team.

6. Wood Floors

A number of Toronto lofts have wood floors throughout. It provides a rustic look that allows you to have flooring that is easy to care for. Some models have actual hardwood while others have laminate. Either way, it provides a positive aesthetic throughout the home.

You can find all sorts of stunning lofts in Toronto. Knowing the top features will make it easier to decide what you want in a place of your own.