How to Set the Stage for a Quick Sale of Your Home

Fresh paint, new carpet and blinds will make a home more appealing to a potential buyer, but there is one other project you can do that is almost guaranteed to get you a buyer right away. Renting staging furniture and decorative accessories will give the home an elegant lived-in look that really draws a buyer in.

Show the Elegant Potential of Any Home

Walking interested people through an empty house and asking them to envision how great it would look with a sectional couch, cherry wood bedroom set, or oak dining table can get the home sold over time. One small detail that can bring these visions to life to use furniture rental for home staging to show potential buyers how elegant and charming the home can be. A real-time demonstration allows them to see the possibilities of what their own creative decorating can do.

Use Staging Sets or Design Your Own

Utilizing the expertise of Gus modern furniture will allow you to rent already assembled staging sets that have been proven to put any home in a more attractive light. You will immediately notice the difference in feeling at home, rather than having to show the place with bare floors and walls. You can inject your own personal style and build the look that you want.

The Right Furnishings Will Get Your Home Sold Faster

Quality furnishings and accessories will showcase your home in the best light, giving every opportunity for a quick sale. The potential buyer no longer has to work hard to use imagination to realize the practicality of the purchase. You can demonstrate the true usability and beauty of the space.

Huge Payoff for a Small Rental Investment

The rental fee for high quality staging furniture is minor compared with the payoff of a quick and easy sale. Many times buyers are willing to pay the full asking price, especially if you can demonstrate that the home is worth every penny. A potential buyer that can envision their own personal items in the home and loves what they see with your staging furnishings, is more likely to feel comfortable about signing on the dotted line quickly. They worry that someone else will come right behind them and snatch the home out of their grasp.

Updated and Contemporary Styles

One of the best tools to have in your arsenal to sell a home is to use contemporary and elegant styles in rented staging furnishings. Using updated styles will highlight all that is good about the interior of the home. Make selling your home one of the easiest tasks you have ever taken on.

Contact home interior specialists to find affordable staging furnishings that will give you an edge in selling your home today! The Executive Furniture Rentals website has more resources available if you would like to learn more information.