Four Ways a Driveway Alarm System Makes Your Property Safer

A driveway alarm allows you to be alerted to the presence of a large animal, person or vehicle that has crossed the drive alarm’s path. These wireless alarms make use of a variety of technologies, including infrared, electromagnetic and metal-sensing probes. Consider these four situations in which a driveway motion sensor could help your property to be safer.

1. Alerts You to the Presence of a Vehicle, Person or Animal

Driveway alarms are designed to alert you to the presence of a person, large animal or vehicle that is on your property. If you are expecting a pizza delivery, the alarm would let you know that the driver has arrived. However, if you are not expecting anyone at your property, the triggering of the alarm could be the first alert that you have of an intruder trying to gain access to your home or garage.

2. Provides You With Instantaneous Information

A drive alert provides you with nearly instantaneous information about the presence of a vehicle, person or animal on your property. The alert will chime as soon as the alarm is triggered. If you have an electromagnetic probe, it will alert you to a vehicle driving up the driveway or accessing your drive-thru. With a metal-sensing probe, it will alert you to the presence of a moving vehicle on your driveway. These systems are accurate at distances of up to 400 meters, depending on the type of alarm you get. There is more information to be found at the Absolute Automation website.

3. Allows You to Call for Assistance

When the drive alert is triggered, you will have the opportunity to investigate what is happening. If you feel like you are in danger or someone is trying to vandalize or break into your property, the wireless alarm allows you to call for emergency assistance. For additional safety, you could have the driveway motion sensor connected with your home’s security system, providing you with the ability to trigger a silent alarm and have the police called whether or not you are at home at the time that someone is on your property without your permision.

4. Sends Updates to the Device of Your Choice

The newest driveway motion sensor systems allow you to receive the drive alert on the device of your choice. If you are not at home, you could get the alert from the wireless alarm on your smartphone. For homes that are on a wireless management system, this could allow you to trigger all of your outdoor lighting and security cameras so they are focused on your driveway. If someone were trying to gain access to your home, this could motivate the intruder to get off of your property.