Crucial Real Estate CRM Tools to Have in 2018.

Any new real estate business manager will always be faced with the task of finding the right real estate CRM for his/her business. And the stressful part about this is that there are so many of these programs in the market for you to choose from that you can end up picking one that doesn’t work well for your business. Sometimes you can get so caught up in this process that you end up losing your main focus of wanting a CRM for your business in the first place and that is to convert more leads and also stay in touch with all of your other contacts.

The real estate CRM software comes with a lot of fancy tools and features that can lead you astray from your main business agenda. It is vital that you know exactly what you are looking for in the CRM system; the basic tools you need for the business before you get to any of the other tools and features in the CRM system.

  1. Top Producer

The Top Producer is one of the best CRMs you may want to go for and it has been in business from the time that CRMs came into existence. These top giants have managed to stay on top of the market all this time by continually adding new features and tools into their products.

The only setback with the Top Producer CRM software is that they are still using their outdated user interface and the display and graphics of their software are severely outdated as well.

The pros:

  • They have a very low cost to get started
  • They have a lot of features integrated into their system

The cons:

  • Outdated user-interface
  • Bloated feature list.


  1. Followup Boss – Efficiency In Real Estate

Their platform is designed to work perfectly for especially when being used by teams in an organization. Their program can effectively distribute and contact leads. They have automatic text and email notification features integrated for the agents of the leads.

One of its core benefits is that you can easily see and know where your leads are from; you can tell which leads are from your LeadSite and which ones are from other sources.

The pros:

  • It has many lead integrations
  • Easy automation features

The cons:

  • Its features are mostly targeted at teams
  • Higher costs per month.


  1. HubSpot – Free And High Quality

The HubSpot new CRM isn’t specific to real estate but it still offers loads of great free options for Realtors who are new in the business.

The pros:

  • It offers free services

The cons:

  • It is a non-real estate specific CRM.


  1. Contractually – Easy and Straightforward Contact Management

This company has quickly made its way to the top of the list aside from the fact that they only began business a few years ago. They have an easy-to-use system that is set-up to ensure that you and your business contacts your leads frequently.

The pros:

  • Hyper-focused activities

The cons:

  • Hard to nuance communication features.


  1. Wise Agent – Ease Of Use

This company provides the CRM software that is slightly different from the rest in that most of its features are built for individual agent needs and their low pricing makes it very hard to pass up.