Are You Aware of These 5 Guiding Factors When Buying Door Locks?

When you think about it for a second, you will be shocked at just how many times you interact with your door locks on a daily basis. Unless except if you go to work early in the morning and return home late in the evening, which still leads to you using your door locks during both of those times. In other words, door locks form an essential part of your entire home’s personality, and we can’t have a home without them. Get advice from an experienced locksmith at Lock-up Services Inc., on the best door lock maintenance and care tricks.

This article has summed up some five aspects that you need to consider whenever you set out to buy a new door lock for your home. Here are the important things you need to have in mind.

  1. Front entrance and security

When out to purchase a new lock, you should consider which ones are better for your main entrance and which ones will be more secure and harder to break. Here is where you will learn about the Mortice locks. The Mortice locks usually offer higher levels of security than the tubular latch. Tubular locks are easier to install and fit into your door and usually don’t require a lot of specialized tools compared to the Mortice locks. The Mortice locks require you to have some training to install plus specialized tools to install them on your doors. They also offer higher security levels.

  1. The door functions

The door functions also influence the type of door locks you set out to buy. For hallway or closet doors, you should go for the non-locking passage lever or knobs. You will obviously want to install locking your bathrooms and bedrooms which will prompt you to go for the privacy lever or knobs. For decorative doors, you can buy the non-turning dummy levers or knobs. And obviously, you will want a keyed knob or lever for all your exterior doors and any other doors that require higher security needs.

  1. Door setup

Sometimes, you will also realize that the door setup also influences the type of door lock you buy and install. For example, extra thick doors, you should ensure that the door lock you buy is best suited to be installed on them; it has all the necessary hardware and kit best suited for all the dimensions. Go for the keyless deadbolt stealth to install on thick doors. In most cases, you will require help from a qualified professional to install locks.

  1. Types of material and environment

Do sufficient research and find the right door lock that will match and fit your doors perfectly when installed. Also, look at the type of material that the lock is made of, even the color is important. You would not want to buy an orange door lock and install it on a blue door.

And if you live in the tropical areas, then you should go for the door locks that can withstand harsh weather elements.

  1. Installation

You should also consider as to whether you are going to install the door lock yourself or you’ll be calling a professional installer to help you. All this depends on your budget. Read the instruction manual carefully and make your choice based on your budget line.