6 Tips for Maintaining Quartz Countertops

Today, a quartz kitchen countertop installation is one of the most popular home improvement projects. Quartz countertops are usually composed of quartz stone and synthetic polymer. Because of its glossy look, quartz allows homeowners to improve the appearance of their kitchens or bathrooms without having to perform any polishing procedures. Although quartz is strong, non-porous and extremely durable, proper maintenance is crucial for optimal performance. Here are six easy-to-follow tips for maintaining your quartz countertop.

1. Use a soft cloth to clean your countertop regularly

Regular cleaning helps maintain the quality of quartz countertops and remove surface stains. However, quartz is extremely sensitive to abrasive products, making it important to use a soft, stone-safe product. Using a soft cloth to remove stains from your countertop is the best option, especially if you clean as soon as the spill occurs.

2. Use mild detergent

Several different types of mild detergents are currently available on the market, some of which are effective in cleaning quartz surfaces. To ensure proper maintenance, make sure you choose a non-abrasive and non-bleach cleaning product. Using a mild detergent such as regular soap helps maintain the quality of quartz.

3. Wipe all spills immediately

This recommendation is effective and easy to follow. Although quartz is non-porous, the material is slightly sensitive to water, hence the importance of wiping spills as soon as they occur. Several types of liquids can cause quartz surfaces to develop stains. Fruit juice, coffee, and tea are only but a few. You’ll want to wipe all liquids from your quartz surfaces immediately. Aside from eliminating the risk of stains, ensuring no liquid residue stands on your quartz countertop for more than a few seconds could boost the material’s longevity.

4. Use cutting boards

By design, quartz surfaces are scratch-resistant. But sharp objects like knives can still cause damage when used on top of a quartz countertop, reducing the material’s longevity. The cost of maintaining a quartz countertop is generally low, but that does not guarantee durability. You’ll have to take a few necessary steps to ensure your countertop lasts for a long time. Keep your knives away from this surface by placing a cooking board on top of the kitchen countertop.

5. Place a proper hot-pad

Quartz is extremely sensitive to heat. To prevent damage, anything that exudes heat should not come into direct contact with a quartz surface. Instead, place a proper hot-pad under hot containers. Hot-pads are available at most home accessory stores and can come in cloth, wood and several other insulation materials.

6. Avoid chemical products

You should not use any chemical product on your quartz countertop. Though quartz is resistant to corrosion, some chemical agents can damage the material’s quality upon contact. Use regular, eco-friendly cleaning products for quartz surfaces. If there are sections of your bathroom or kitchen that require the use of chemical products, start by installing a protective layer to protect your quartz countertop. You may find it useful to visit Rockstella Stonery Inc. for more information.