5 Tricks to Prevent Drain Clogs in Old Homes

One of the most difficult tasks most homeowners always have to deal with is drainage. Clogged drains are always a problem and can cost a buck to repair and unclog especially if you own an old home. So, if you fall among the victims of clogged drains, then this is the article for you. Here, we will offer you some of the tips and tricks recommended by plumber Toronto, that you can use to prevent and/or unclog clogged drains.

1. Treating Your Drains With Enzymes

Enzyme treatments to unclog blocked drains has, so far, been a very effective method. Plus, the fact that you can use it to unclog like every sink, showers, even the toilets adds to its advantages.

The enzyme-based products work best when used with warm water. So, first pour warm water down the drain, then follow that up with the enzyme product. You can even do this and let the enzymes work overnight. Then afterward, pour hot water again in your drains. The hot water helps to gunk down the drain a lot better. Your local plumbing company would recommend you use this method at least once a month and see your drains work clog-free.

2. Strands Of Hair

Even when you use enzymes, you will quickly come to learn that hair does not disintegrate as fast. Before you know it, your drain is quickly blocked in a terrible tangled mess. The best way to avoid this problem is not to flush any of your hair down the sink or toilet. Instead, use the trash bins. For extra protection, however, you can use a plastic hair catcher in your bathroom drain. You can also get a drain trap for your bathroom sinks to prevent clogged drains from hair particles.

3. Do You Have Trees Close To Your Home?

At times, the cause of your drain clogs may lie outside of your home. Say you have some trees growing around your home or near your drains. Their roots can cause you a lot of unnecessary problems. In such cases, the wisest decision is to remove the trees. Tree roots will definitely be attracted towards the water in the pipes and soon end up damaging or blocking your drains altogether.

4. Garbage Collector & Residential Trash Compactor

There are some substances that you cannot and should never let into your drains. Kitchen cooking substances like cooking oil and other foodstuffs should never get into your drain. Chances are extremely high that they will build up in your drain and clog them sooner rather than later. And you may be forced to part with some cash to unclog them. Use your trash bins instead when throwing away any foodstuffs and remains. Cooking grease and any other oily substances also need to be disposed of in the trash bins.

5. Using Vinegar As A Home Remedy

You can also get into the habit of pouring at least one cup of vinegar in your drains like once every month. Let it sit for like 30 minutes then pour very hot water. Vinegar contains acetic acid which is a wonder cleaner. Vinegar is basically the best organic solvent that can remove most organic buildup in your pipes. Try it out and see the results for yourself.